Coyle's Communication FIRST Boom Pack on SALE. Normally 300 points, NOW on Sale for only 100 points from November 13th-18th 2022. 

    This Boom deck covers 12 speech sounds /p, m, t, k, g, f, ch, sh, L, R, S, th/ all in ONE deck! Practice the sounds in all word positions as you create your cute Thanksgiving turkey! 


Happy Thanksgiving! 
Ms. Coyle MS CCC/SLP


The first FREE Boom product is a fully functioning complete deck about animals that I could easily sell- a truly free gift and not a sample of a larger deck. This is the entire almost 50-page deck! This deck is intended for lower language level learners, pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and children with autism and developmental delays. 

I am giving the I Like Animals! deck as a free gift to say thank you to my customers. My Boom store is two and a half years old and I am really loving making and sharing my Boom decks with you! 

The following concepts are covered in this deck: * Two levels of the category: animal receptive identification. * Yes/no Animal questions * Receptive and Expressive Animal Plurals * Opinion Do you like.... to encourage comments (I like or I do not like___) * Two low-level animal memory games with 4 matches each

Then I have released three new decks recently and one has a free sample with one fully functioning /k/ game at the sentence level. 

Practice target sounds /k, k/g blends, sh, ch, dg, th, L, L-blends, S, S-blends, R, R-blends, Vocalic R/ at the sentence level in a fun memory match game!

You can get the /k/ sentence memory game, which is a fully functional game, as a free sample! 

Next, I made two fun decks that are sure to engage your kids! Design a Speech T-shirt Deck and a Jokes and Riddles Deck!

 Jokes and Riddles!

Find it all in Coyle's Communication Boom Store!

Ms. Coyle MS CCC/SLP


    It has been way too long since I published a new Boom deck, but I released a new one this weekend.  This one is almost 70 slides of phonological processes most commonly seen with the /sh/ sound target. You get 21 minimal pair contrasts in this deck!  

    For the phonological process of stopping /sh/ is contrasted with /t/ and /d/, and for fronting /sh/ is contrasted with /s/. There are seven minimal-pair picture sets for each of the three contrasts and four different activities with each set also. 

    First, bombard your client with /sh/ words with two auditory bombardment lists. Then, go over the seven minimal pairs in a card set that is fully audio-supported. Click the pictures to hear them talk. Then go play with the minimal pairs by putting them on a shelf. This is intended for open-ended play so that you can use it for receptive practice to see if the child can process the difference OR you can have the child say the pair of words as they put the pictures on the shelf to differentiate from the way they say the /sh/ and the target sound. 

    Level up the comprehension of the minimal pairs by moving the talking pictures into fill-in-the-blank sentences to really show that you understand the difference between the words. Finally, play a fun memory match game to practice the seven /sh/ target words in your chosen minimal pair set. The game pictures will change positions every time you load the boom deck which makes it playable over and over and each time it's a brand new game. 

    If your client misarticulates /sh/ due to a phonological processing disorder, this deck has you covered with tons of activities to meet all your needs!

See it in my boom store; HERE. 

Ms. Coyle MS CCC/SLP


Hello Everyone! 

I made a FREE boom deck just in time for St. Patrick's Day. This goes along with one of my favorite books for this holiday, "How to Catch a Leprechaun" by Adam Wallace. 

I included story sequencing, temporal questions with first, last, before and after, story retell with picture support, and two levels of comprehension questions! This is jam-packed with goodies for your language therapy and can be used with a wide age range (K-5th). 

Add it to your BOOM library for FREE!

I have only ONE WEEK until Spring Break 2022 and I am Ready! 

Love, Ms. Coyle MS CCC/SLP

    My Speech Community Highlight for today is a Medical SLP, Amanda Weissberg. I saw her Harry Potter sorting hat SLP correlation video and thought it was the best thing ever! I am a Ravenclaw and so I guess I am in the best SLP setting for my personality and character traits- which I was not expecting. I loved this, Amanda! The combination of two of my favorite things- Harry Potter and Speech!!

Thank you for sharing. 

You can find Amanda Here:

Tik Tok:


Ms. Coyle Ms CCC/SLP


      Youtube has a LOT of content so I have compiled my favorite channels and links and organized them into categories so you can easily find a video that fits your speech and language therapy goals. I love to Sing!! and sometimes singing words and concepts with the right side of our brain helps us to be able to say those same words with the left side of our brain. Do you have some favorite videos or channels that I don't have below? Please leave a comment and tell me about them!

Youtube Channels: 

Books/ Read Aloud Channels:

Books I Love: 

Temporal (Time)


Simple Vocabulary/ Categories/ Functions:

Social Skills:

Ms. Coyle MS CCC/SLP


     I first wrote about edpuzzle, HERE. Edpuzzle is a cool website that lets you embed content into videos such as quizzes or information. I used the book, Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson to create a guided speech therapy session targeted on the /sh/ sound. It is public so anyone can use this resource that I created for free. 

     I love this book because it does have a LOT of great /sh/ practice, but it is also a wonderful story of friendship. I embedded 10 content stops into the video for lots of great literacy based /sh/ practice. You can access the video, HERE

     While I love edpuzzle, I don't love the limitations. You can only create 20 videos for free. However, they have a great referral system that works for BOTH people. If you sign up for edpuzzle with my link, YOU get three extra videos and so do I, so please use my link to sign up so we both benefit. 

Please check out Edpuzzle Here:

Here is my own Edpuzzle Channel that I will post all of my videos on:
Ms. Coyle's Edpuzzle Channel

I hope you enjoy using this video in your next /sh/ speech therapy session!

Michelle Coyle MS CCC/SLP